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Selection Testing Instruments


Employee Screening Questionnaire 2 (ESQ2)

  The Employee Screening Questionnaire 2 (ESQ2) is a personality-based selection assessment. It provides a hiring report accurately predicting applicants' probable job commitment (low-turnover), risk of engaging in counterproductive work behaviors, as well as propensity for positive work behaviors. Sample Report


Employee Screening Questionnaire - Call Center (ESQ-CC)

  The Employee Screening Questionnaire - Call Center (ESQ-CC) identifies job candidates who are most likely to engage in counterproductive work behaviors. It is a personality-based measure customized for the call center industry, and is unique among such measures in that it is resistant to faking. The ESQ-CC also measures a number of specific personality characteristics that have been found to be associated with productive, dependable employees. Sample Report


Leadership Skills Profile - Selection Report (LSP-SR)

  The LSP-SR helps select and place top applicants for positions requiring leadership proficiency. It analyses candidates' strengths and weaknesses on 42 dimensions important for successful leadership, and provides a description of how one's personality will affect his or her expected performance in each area. Sample Report


Leadership Skills Profile - Selection+Development (LSP-S+D)

  Use the LSP-SR and LSP-DR to equip your organization with the optimal combination of leadership selection and development tools. These assessments, when used in tandem, deliver a powerful leadership solution designed to enhance the effectiveness of talent management systems. The reports are available in standard format, or can incorporate established benchmarks that allow you to select and develop leaders against a common set of requirements specific to a given position. Sample Selection Report
Sample Development Report


Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence Assessment - Workplace (MEIA-W)

  The Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence Assessment - Workplace (MEIA-W) is a 144-item, self-report measure of emotional intelligence (EI) based on Salovey and Mayer's (1990) multidimensional conceptualization of EI, and takes about 20 minutes to complete. The MEIA includes 10 primary scales and two experimental scales. Sample Report


Personnel Assessment Form (PAF)

  The PAF is a convenient, objective measure of general mental ability and intelligence. The PAF is available in two forms. Form A contains more difficult items and is more accurate at a high range than Form C. Form C's less difficult items are more accurate at the lower range of scores. Each form consists of 2 timed subtests, Verbal and Quantitative. Sample Report


Work Styles Measure - Gas & Oil Industries (WSM)

  The Work Styles Measure - Gas & Oil Industries is a selection measure that targets job applicants in the oil and gas industry. The WSM predicts how likely it is that the job candidate will interact successfully in work situations, and presents scores for 4 major job groups. Contact us for a sample report

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